Delilah W. Pierce Exhibited With Famed MoMA Curator Elaine Johnson At The Georgetown University Gallery

February 11, 1979 Delilah W. Pierce was invited to exhibit at Georgetown University. One of the co-exhibitors was Elaine Johnson, most known for being a curator at The Museum of Modern Art’s (MOMA) Department of Circulating Exhibitions and an advocate for Latin American Art who was interested in researching its impact on the American art community, as well as America as a whole. According to MOMA’s archives:

[Elaine Johnson] directed or co-directed twenty exhibitions of graphic art for the Museum, devoted to many styles and periods, including: Orozco: Studies for the Murals at Dartmouth College (MoMA Exh, #698, Nov. 22, 1961-Jan.21, 1962); Prints by German Expressionists (C/E II.2/128(13), 1961-1963); Modern American Drawings (ICE-F-44-60, 1961-1962); The Responsive Eye: Prints (“op” art) (MoMA Exh, #757, Feb. 25-Apr. 25, 1965; C/E II.3.4 (48), 1966-1969); and Dada, surrealism, and Today (C/E II.2/141(7), 1967-1969).

Additionally, according to the METRO-MoMA Survey of Archives of Latino Art, “Ms. Johnson was an avid supporter of Latin American art [who] decided to assemble all those materials…in what they called the Latin American Archive at the Library, in order to facilitate access to them.”

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Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York

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