Delilah W. Pierce Among Alma Thomas’ Little Paris Group, 1948

Delilah W. Pierce and Alma Thomas were professional peers and friends. According to  the Smithsonian Institutes Archives of American Art their relationship was captured in the Alma Thomas papers, 1894-2001, in her Little Paris Group, 1948. The Little Paris Group, as described in the archives:

Met once a week with Miles Celine Tabary and Lois Jones, developing skills and styles circulating in at least six exhibition works a year. The annual exhibit was one of the highlights of the season, looked forward to the art lovers of the Washington community. (In the catalog of the District -Columbia Art Association, Exhibition, on back of the forward page.) See Also: Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

Visit the Archives of American Art to learn more about: The Little Paris Group, 1948.

The Little Paris Group, 1948
The Little Paris Group, 1948

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