Delilah & Joe Pierce House Reservations Refunded Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Washington, DC/Oak Bluffs, MA, March 24, 2020: As a family we’ve made the choice to put people over money and refund all reservations to the Delilah & Joe Pierce House this summer (2020). The loss of our summer income will be felt. But the disruption of a small eco-system would be worse. Gov. Charlie Baker asks that those of us with second homes remain off island. Due to his directive, we are also doing our part in keeping summer vacationers off island to protect the people. This was not a choice we took lightly as we had to disappoint many ready to enjoy all that the island has to offer. However, the hard-working laborers, educators, merchants, farmers, fisherman, fireman, officers, healthcare professionals, and business owners who make the island home year -round are far too important to the eco-system. We have to protect them and their children! Yes – This is more important than money! God speed!

Please remain safe and distant from your neighbors!

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Best Wishes,

Spence & McDow Family