Congressional Tribute To Six Washington Artists: Hon. Walter E. Fauntroy



Wednesday, May 11, 1983

Mr. FAUNTROY. Mr. Speaker, a major review of the works of six Washington artists-painters Richard Dempsey, Lois Jones, Delilah Pierce, James Porter, Alma Thomas, and graphic artist James Wells, held at the Evans-Tibbs Collection is taking place this spring. Located at 1910 Vermont Avenue NW., the Evans-Tibbs Collection is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization primarily formed to preserve and exhibit works of art by and bibliographic material on African American artists. Located one-half block south of Washington, D.C.’s historic U Street corridor, the museum and research center are currently housed where Lillian Evans Tibbs lived. As an internationally acclaimed lyric soprano known professionally as Madame Evanti, Mrs. Tibbs sponsored many artists and art activities during her life. The six Washington masters exhibition is one of many such activities held by the collection in continuance of that tradition.

…Born in Washington, D.C., Delilah Pierce studied at Howard in the late 1930’s with James Porter. In 1962 Pierce received an Agnes Meyer Fellowship to study and travel in several African countries. The realities of an American of part African ancestry visiting Africa was significant for it not only represented links to ethnicity in a historical sense, it provided for Pierce an opportunity to become one of a handful of African-American artists to travel to Africa and to do so before it became popular in the late 1960’s. Continue reading on page 12016 (GPO-CRECB-1983).

Congressional Tribute To Delilah W. Pierce

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