Stephen R. McDow II Joins BlackRock Center Team Returning Home To The Arts

[REPOST From BlackRock Center For The Arts] CONTACT: Amanda Russell Bradley: 240-912-1060; Original Release BLACKROCK CENTER FOR THE ARTS ANNOUNCES NEW CEO AND LEADERSHIP ON THE CUSP OF ITS 20TH ANNIVERSARY GERMANTOWN, MD- BlackRock Center for the Arts, providing opportunities to explore, celebrate, and engage in the arts, announces new leadership, CEO, Katie Hecklinger and BoardContinue reading “Stephen R. McDow II Joins BlackRock Center Team Returning Home To The Arts”

Delilah W. Pierce Recent Highlights

UMUC Delilah W. Pierce Exhibit, 2015 Chesapeake Collectibles reviews Delilah W. Pierce artwork. Delilah & Joseph Pierce House launched on VRBO with rave reviews Delilah W. Pierce Collection Art On 4 City Tour With Friend Alma Thomas (July 9-Summer 2022) Martha’s Vineyard Museum Features Delilah W. Pierce In Exhibit (August 3rd-Octber 11th 2021) Black Art InContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Recent Highlights”

Honorable John Conyers Highlights Delilah W. Pierce In Extensions of Remarks

“The best paintings are the semiabstract landscapes by Delilah Pierce and portraits by LeRoy Gaskin. At the other end of the spectrum is a painting of Amy Carter dcing a dance routine with her former classmates at the Stevens School, their tutus made of real seashells which have been glued to the canvas.” On Page 15090

Congressional Tribute To Six Washington Artists: Hon. Walter E. Fauntroy

HON. WALTER E. FAUNTROY OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIAIN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Wednesday, May 11, 1983 Mr. FAUNTROY. Mr. Speaker, a major review of the works of six Washington artists-painters Richard Dempsey, Lois Jones, Delilah Pierce, James Porter, Alma Thomas, and graphic artist James Wells, held at the Evans-Tibbs Collection is taking place this spring. Located at 1910 Vermont Avenue NW., the Evans-Tibbs Collection is a nonprofitContinue reading “Congressional Tribute To Six Washington Artists: Hon. Walter E. Fauntroy”

Chesapeake Collectibles’ Segment On Delilah W. Pierce Is Fabulous!

In March of 2020, the producer of MPT’s Chesapeake Collectibles contacted the family of Delilah W. Pierce for an image and deeper context. COVID-19 Pandemic hit and the show didn’t air on March 23rd; rather, it aired on August 3rd & 4th. The show was and is fabulous and worth watching. The segment was aContinue reading “Chesapeake Collectibles’ Segment On Delilah W. Pierce Is Fabulous!”

Delilah & Joe Pierce House Reservations Refunded Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Washington, DC/Oak Bluffs, MA, March 24, 2020: As a family, we’ve made the choice to put people over money and refund all reservations to the Delilah & Joe Pierce House this summer (2020). The loss of our summer income will be felt. But the disruption of a small eco-system would be worse. Gov. Charlie BakerContinue reading “Delilah & Joe Pierce House Reservations Refunded Due To COVID-19 Pandemic”


Since moving to its new location in 1986, the museum has mounted exhibits encompassing both art and cultural history, such as “Inspiration: 1961-1989,” which featured the work of such local African American artists as James Lesesne Wells, Delilah W. Pierce and the late Alma Thomas, and the current exhibit, “The Real McCoy: African American InventionContinue reading “LION OF THE ANACOSTIA MUSEUM [Washington Post] 1989”

Delilah W. Pierce Featured In Department of State’s Art In The Embassies Program

  Transcript from Department of State Newsletter: Paintings by Black American Artists Are Going to Africa The Department’s Art in the Embassies Program is sending a group of paintings by Black American artists to Africa. The collection will be exhibited in the US Embassy Residence of Ambassador Beverly Carter in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. ItContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Featured In Department of State’s Art In The Embassies Program”

Delilah W. Pierce Featured In CALLALOO

Delilah W. Pierce is recently featured in CALLALOO – DC and MD In The History Of American Art. CALLALOO is a journal of African Diaspora Arts and Letters, founded in 1976 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is currently published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. The Editor is Charles Henry Rowell and features the mostContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Featured In CALLALOO”