Delilah W. Pierce’s Marriage Highlighted

In the December 19, 1936 Afro American an announcement was published highlighting the marriage of Delilah with Joseph L. Pierce. This was 1930’s African American society at its best. The wedding was performed by the Reverend Walter H. Brooks who was a religious scholar and at the time pastor of the Nineteenth Baptist Church, the first AfricanContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce’s Marriage Highlighted”

Delilah W. Pierce Mentioned In African American Almanac Authored by Lean’tin Bracks

Delilah W. Pierce is mentioned in the African American Almanac, authored by Lean’tin Bracks. Reviewer Emily Rose Compton-Dzak wrote: Bracks chronicles the African American experience from the arrival of the first Africans to North America in the early 1600s to the present day. The almanac is organized into 12 chapters: “Africans in America”; “Civil Rights”;Continue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Mentioned In African American Almanac Authored by Lean’tin Bracks”

Delilah W. Pierce Very Much Part Of Black Arts Movement: Expanding Black Identity Perceptions

Delilah W. Pierce helped expand the Black Arts Movement with her figurative and abstract paintings. Her art helped express the diversity within the black aesthetic, during a time where African Americans were exploring the idea of what it meant to be “BLACK” and how that related to the larger mainstream American culture. This was alsoContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Very Much Part Of Black Arts Movement: Expanding Black Identity Perceptions”

Delilah W. Pierce Participates In Smithsonian Special Event For Black History Month

In 1983 the Washington Afro-American promoted the Smithsonian’s special event for Black History Month: The Black Artist in Wash, DC. Delilah W. Pierce demonstrated her art in this event held at the Anacostia Neighborhood Museum. View the 1983 Washington Afro-America newspaper.

Delilah W. Pierce Included In The Women’s Studies Encyclopedia

Author Helen Tierney published a cannon of female African American painters. In her anthology she covered the wider expressions of African American female artists. Delilah W. Pierce was included in the cannon. Ms. Tierney explored some of the core “emotions” of African American art: celebration, grief, anger, and pride. Check out Helen Tierney’s The Women’s StudiesContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Included In The Women’s Studies Encyclopedia”

Delilah W. Pierce Mentioned In Janet Gail Abbott’s Dissertation In Art History

Pennsylvania State University graduate, Janet Gail Abbott, captured the struggles and successes in African American art history in her dissertation – The Barnett Aden Gallery: A Home For Diversity In A Segregated City. Delilah W. Pierce was mentioned for her support of the Barnett Aden Gallery.