Delilah W. Pierce Natural Perspective

Press Release For Immediate Release College Park, MD August 20, 2015 – Beginning September 27, 2015 Delilah W. Pierce Natural Perspective opens at the University of Maryland University College Arts Program Gallery. The show runs to January 3, 2016. On November 8, 2015, from 3 pm to 5 pm, there will be a panel discussionContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Natural Perspective”

Delilah W. Pierce Highlighted In Pearlie’s Prattle

Delilah W. Pierce and her life with Joseph Pierce highlighted in The Afro American’s column Pearlie’s Prattle. Learn more by reading: Pearlie’s Prattle.

In 1937 Phi Delta Kappa Selected Delilah W. Pierce As Head Of National Sorority

According to The Afro American, Delilah W. Pierce was selected as the head of Phi Delta Kappa. Delilah was very active in her sorority and believed that education was the key to progress. Click to read the article: Phi Delts Select.

Delilah W. Pierce Attends Fellow Phi Delta Kappa Member Surprise Baby Shower

The June 12, 1937 issue of The Afro American mentions Delilah W. Pierce as attending the surprise baby shower of Gladys S. Roberts.  Delilah was very active in the Phi Delta Kappa Sorority. Click to view: Ms. Gladys S. Roberts Surprised With Shower.

Delilah W. Pierce Attends Phi Delta Kappa Conclave In Chicago 1937

Delilah W. Pierce spent the holiday season attending the conclave of the Phi Delta Kappa Sorority, held in Chicago. It was promoted in The Afro American on January 9, 1937. Click to view: Delilah W. Pierce Attends Chicago Phi Delta Kappa Conclave.

Delilah W. Pierce & Her Connection To The First African American Admitted To The National Press Club

Reporter Louis Lautier, who, according the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, is known for being an advocate who successfully achieved integrating the Senate and House press galleries in 1947. Mr. Lautier covered the life of Delilah W. Pierce and highlighted her in his Afro American newspaper Capital Spotlight column. At the time Mr. LautierContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce & Her Connection To The First African American Admitted To The National Press Club”

Delilah W. Pierce Helps A Great Depression Business Make History

On September 12, 1950 Delilah W. Pierce was featured in an article highlighting the achievements of a Washington, DC business called The Ethical Prescription Pharmacy. The article was entitled One Million Prescriptions Under Same Ownership Is Proud Record. According to the article she was the first and one-millionth customer of the business, which began in 1929Continue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Helps A Great Depression Business Make History”

Delilah W. Pierce Listed As Phi Delta Kappa Delegate In 1952

Delilah W. Pierce was very active in her sorority. In 1952 she was listed as a delegate at the 1952 conclave. Click to view: Delegates Listed.

Delilah W. Pierce Participated In Phi Delta Kappa Sorority Luncheon 1962

Delilah W. Pierce attended the 1962 sorority luncheon celebrating founders’ day. Members from 5 cities were in attendance. About Phi Delta Kappa Dr. Gladys Merrit Ross, Julia Asbury Barnes, Dr. Florence Steele Hunt, Dr. Gladys Cannon Nunery, Ella Wells Butler, Mildred Morris Williams, Edna McConnell and Marguerite Gross It was Palm Sunday, April 23, 1923,Continue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Participated In Phi Delta Kappa Sorority Luncheon 1962”

Delilah W. Pierce & Her Phi Delta Members Were Considered Models With Brains

In 1962 Phi Delta Kappa’s Founders’ Day theme was: A New Look at Old Frontiers. Lula Jones Garrett, a popular African American columnist and female rights activist wrote: Founder’s Day under a program theme of “A New Look at Old Frontiers,” Saturday, had also taken a good gander at new fashions. The schoolmarms, coming fromContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce & Her Phi Delta Members Were Considered Models With Brains”