Delilah W. Pierce In Washington Post: Corcoran To Be Given African American Art

Delilah W. Pierce is considered one of Washington, DC’s “Six Washington Masters.” From Jo Ann Lewis’s 1996 article: Tibbs’s collection has not gone unseen here. He organized several important exhibitions at the house-museum over the years, including “Surrealism and the Afro-American Artist.” In 1983, “Six Washington Masters,” featuring works by Richard Dempsey, Lois Jones, DelilahContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce In Washington Post: Corcoran To Be Given African American Art”

Delilah W. Pierce Included In Corcoran Gallery Book

In 1983 The Gallery published a book authored by historian and current Harvard University Adjunct Professor John Beardsley; color field painter and lyrical abstractionist Sam Gilliam and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The book covered modern painters at the Corcoran, which included African American art.  In the book Sam Gilliam talks with great affection aboutContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Included In Corcoran Gallery Book”

Delilah W. Pierce Featured At Corcoran Gallery

In 1996 the New Art Examiner, a Chicago based publication that began because it wanted to provide an “unique vantage point outside the artistic mainstream,” highlighted the Corcoran Gallery and their African American art exhibitions. According to the article, their inclusion of African American art positioned the Corcoran Gallery as, “a leading educational resource centerContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Featured At Corcoran Gallery”