Delilah W. Pierce Attends Fellow Phi Delta Kappa Member Surprise Baby Shower

The June 12, 1937 issue of The Afro American mentions Delilah W. Pierce as attending the surprise baby shower of Gladys S. Roberts.  Delilah was very active in the Phi Delta Kappa Sorority. Click to view: Ms. Gladys S. Roberts Surprised With Shower.

Delilah W. Pierce Attends Phi Delta Kappa Conclave In Chicago 1937

Delilah W. Pierce spent the holiday season attending the conclave of the Phi Delta Kappa Sorority, held in Chicago. It was promoted in The Afro American on January 9, 1937. Click to view: Delilah W. Pierce Attends Chicago Phi Delta Kappa Conclave.

Delilah W. Pierce Received NAACP Life Membership For Phi Delta Kappa Service

In 1964, president of the Atlantic City branch of Phi Delta Kappa, Delilah W. Pierce received a NAACP life membership for her service. The membership was given through the Atlantic City, NJ branch because Delilah was a past national president (basileus). The recognition of service was published in W E.B. Du Bios’ The Crisis, VolumeContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Received NAACP Life Membership For Phi Delta Kappa Service”

Delilah W. Pierce Listed As Phi Delta Kappa Delegate In 1952

Delilah W. Pierce was very active in her sorority. In 1952 she was listed as a delegate at the 1952 conclave. Click to view: Delegates Listed.