Since moving to its new location in 1986, the museum has mounted exhibits encompassing both art and cultural history, such as “Inspiration: 1961-1989,” which featured the work of such local African American artists as James Lesesne Wells, Delilah W. Pierce and the late Alma Thomas, and the current exhibit, “The Real McCoy: African American InventionContinue reading “LION OF THE ANACOSTIA MUSEUM [Washington Post] 1989”

Delilah W. Pierce Included In Corcoran Gallery Book

In 1983 The Gallery published a book authored by historian and current Harvard University Adjunct Professor John Beardsley; color field painter and lyrical abstractionist Sam Gilliam and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The book covered modern painters at the Corcoran, which included African American art.  In the book Sam Gilliam talks with great affection aboutContinue reading “Delilah W. Pierce Included In Corcoran Gallery Book”